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TMC2024 Drive Motor Symposium

Date: 2024-07-03
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Source: Automobile society


According to the consensus reached at the TMC drive motor symposium attended by more than 20 industry experts from vehicle, drive system, and motor companies earlier this year, key technological innovations for drive motors include rare earth motors, axial flux motors, new winding technologies, high-frequency insulation life assessment, efficient and innovative cooling solutions, lubrication and oil compatibility of oil cooled motors, axial corrosion suppression, and high-precision and high computational efficiency multi physics field coupling software. In addition, common cutting-edge technologies that require industry research include non heavy rare earth motors, new conductive and magnetic materials, high-frequency insulation failure mechanisms, solutions, and life prediction.


The 16th Annual Conference on Automotive Power System Technology (TMC2024) Drive Motor Special Branch will be held in Qingdao from July 4th to 5th, and the speech mainly covers the above-mentioned technological innovation directions and cutting-edge technologies.

Regarding the innovation of drive motor design and manufacturing technology, the conference involves the application progress of high-performance amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials in new energy vehicles. Li Lijun from Antai Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise in China, is responsible for explaining the specific content as follows: (1) 12-14 μ m thick nanocrystalline ultra-thin strip with high-frequency and high magnetic permeability characteristics; (2) Nanocrystalline DC filters for electric drive systems with broadband and high impedance characteristics; (3) High magnetic induction, low loss wide width iron-based amorphous strip for EV main drive motor applications; (4) The new type of amorphous stator core processing technologyit has extremely important significance.


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