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The world's first stainless steel with its own surface that can kill the novel coronavirus has been

Date: 2021-12-13
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Source: Huang Mingxin Team, University of Hong Kong, Material Science and Engineering 

Editor: Zhang Yutian

         Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in public health, but it does not have the characteristics of combating harmful microorganisms. Earlier studies have shown that the novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) has a strong stability on conventional stainless steel surfaces, remaining on stainless steel surfaces, and is still infectious after three days, giving the virus the opportunity to spread through contact in public places.

          The team led by Professor Huang Mingxin of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong (HK) and the research team of Professor Pan Liewen of the Center for Immunology and Infection of the Li Ka Shing School of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong have developed stainless steel with high copper content that can successfully kill the novel coronavirus, influenza A virus and colorectal rods left on its surface. Bacteria are the first stainless steel known in the world that its own surface can kill the novel coronavirus.
         'This research result is very important. It is the world's first stainless steel that can kill the novel coronavirus on its own surface.' Professor Huang Mingxin said.
          Professor Huang further explained: 'In this study, the team successfully made the stainless steel surface kill COVID-19 and other common pathogenic microorganisms by adjusting the chemical composition and microstructure of stainless steel. The study also found that the novel coronavirus and influenza A virus can be quickly killed on the surfaces of pure copper and high copper stainless steel (for example, ?? 10 wt%), but show good stability on the surface of sterling silver and low copper stainless steel (for example, 5wt%). The results show the differences between silver and copper as alloy additives for the development of pathogen-resistant stainless steel.
         The anti-coronavirus stainless steel developed by the team is applying for an international patent. At present, the team is planning to cooperate with industry to use new stainless steel to prepare some prototypes of stainless steel elevator buttons, door handles and handrails widely used in public places for testing, which is expected to further industrialize the industrial production and commercialization of research and development results. The research team has used high copper stainless steel (20wt%) to prepare elevator buttons for production testing.
         A large number of copper-rich precipitation phases are evenly dispersed in the whole stainless steel. Therefore, even if the surface of stainless steel is constantly worn or damaged, it can still continuously kill pathogenic microorganisms left on the surface. Mr. Liu Litao, the first author of the paper and a doctoral student of Professor Huang Mingxin, said.
The current development of anti-coronavirus stainless steel can be mass-produced using existing mature industrial technology. Related products can be used to replace some conventional stainless steel products that are frequently exposed in public places to reduce the risk of public infection and fight against the current coronavirus pandemic. Professor Huang added.

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