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Fe Limited becomes Australia's latest iron ore exporter

Date: 2021-10-11
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Source: http://www.gtgqw.com Gangyi.com

Fe Limited (hereinafter referred to as Fe) celebrates its becoming Australia's latest iron ore exporter. Fe's stock price did not rise on the same day, but fell 4.44%, returning to the stock price at the beginning of the year, with a market value of 3800 million Australian dollars. However, the company's stock price still rose by 95% in a year. The emerging iron ore producer launched its first batch of high-grade iron ore from Geralton Port on October 2, which contains 60500 wet metric tons of massive iron ore products from the JD project. MV Bison sailed with these iron ore to a leading Southeast Asian steel mill, in which 50000 dry metric tons (dmt) products were hedged at 62% of the iron index price, with a net price of $160 per dry metric ton.

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