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Domestic scrap prices were mixed (July 31 to August 6)

Date: 2021-08-11
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Editor: Song Yuzheng

Source: China Metallurgical News - China Iron & Steel News Network

China Scrap iron and Steel Application Association Information statistics Department

Last week, domestic scrap prices are mixed, businesses slightly adjust prices and wait, mentality is still stable, some steel mills have increased the arrival of goods, but no intention of hoarding.

Key steel enterprises scrap average purchase price compared with the previous week, heavy scrap prices increased by 3 yuan/ton, medium scrap prices increased by 5 yuan/ton, bulk scrap prices increased by 17 yuan/ton.

Last week, the period of the snail market shock adjustment, under the production limit support steel price will be strong, market sentiment turned for the better, but the actual transaction is general. Affected by the epidemic, the local personnel management and control have become stricter, scrap steel transportation is difficult to find a car, the market turnover has declined. At present, the scrap market trend across the divergence, low inventory of steel active procurement, price rebound, scrap price downward pressure slightly weakened, arrival and inventory of steel mills can continue to press the price, it is expected that in the short term scrap market will still narrow consolidation operation.

The scrap steel market in East China is weak and declining, and the logistics and transportation are limited due to the epidemic. Businesses are not optimistic about the market in the later stage and receive goods at lower prices. Nangang heavy scrap procurement price of 3770 yuan/ton, down 60 yuan/ton; Shagang heavy scrap purchase price is 3860 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Xingcheng Special Steel heavy scrap purchase price is 3860 yuan/ton; Masteel heavy scrap purchase price is 3740 yuan/ton, up 80 yuan/ton; Tongling Fuxin heavy scrap purchase price is 3850 yuan/ton; The bidding price of Laiwu steel bar block is 4090 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton; Xiwang metal boutique heavy scrap purchase price for 3650 yuan/ton; Ningbo Iron and Steel in August heavy scrap procurement base price for 3616 yuan/ton.

Central China scrap prices narrow shock, steel arrival overall preference, consumption generally decreased, inventories have climbed. Anyang Steel heavy scrap purchase price is 3860 yuan/ton; Wugang heavy scrap procurement price for 3950 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Valin Henggang first grade qualified material purchase price is 3560 yuan/ton; Wisco low sulfur block purchase price of 3920 yuan/ton.

South China scrap market shock adjustment, business operation is different, steel can arrive. Three steel Minguang heavy scrap procurement price of 3720 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton; Shaogang heavy class scrap cash factory price of 3540 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton.

The mainstream market of scrap steel in southwest China is stable, individual adjustment, it is difficult for merchants to receive goods, the enthusiasm of shipment is not high, and they hold the wait-and-see mentality. The price of heavy duty no. 1 scrap steel of Chonggang is 3540 yuan/ton excluding tax, and Kunming Steel has not purchased scrap steel yet.

The scrap steel market in northwest China is running smoothly, the merchants are in a good mood, the arrival and consumption of steel mills are basically flat, and the inventory is maintained at a normal level. Xining Special Steel medium qualified material purchase price is 3770 yuan/ton, JISCO group heavy scrap purchase price is 3541 yuan/ton.

The scrap steel market in northeast China is running steadily and weakly. Affected by the epidemic, scrap steel transportation is blocked, market resources are tight, and the arrival of steel mills is normal. Ling steel heavy scrap purchase price is 3780 yuan/ton, Jianlongxi steel heavy scrap purchase price is 3715 yuan/ton, Angang heavy scrap purchase price is 3745 yuan/ton, Fushun special steel heavy scrap purchase price is 3790 yuan/ton.

Scrap steel market in North China is stable in consolidation operation, the shipping speed of businesses is accelerated, and the arrival volume of steel mills has increased, but there is no replenishment demand for the warehouse, and the purchase price is adjusted according to their own situation. Tianjin steel pipe heavy scrap procurement price of 3960 yuan/ton, 80 yuan/ton increase; Shougang shift steel heavy scrap purchase price for 4100 yuan/ton; Baotou steel heavy class ii scrap purchase price of 4081 yuan/ton, increased by 74 yuan/ton; Tisco heavy scrap purchase price for 3450 yuan/ton.

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