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Editorial | The party flag is all refined into steel.

Date: 2021-07-06
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Source: China Metallurgy News - China Iron and Steel News

Party flag refers to the high head of the mountain, the sea Yang wave, the Chinese earth is full of hope in the Zhaohui. In this glorious day, we ushered in the centenary birthday of the Communist Party of China, let us say from the bottom of my heart: my dear party, happy birthday! Over the past hundred years, under the wise leadership of the Communist Party of China, the iron and steel industry has seen real gold through fire. You don't see, when the red boat set sail, when the great call - 'struggle for industrial China' history will prove that the construction of Baosteel is right 'green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains', iron and steel industry is always striving for the first row, practice and innovation, out of a country to save, rejuvenate, rich, powerful brilliant road. You see, the iron and steel industry emancipated the mind, pioneering and innovative, climbing over obstacles, transformation and frontier, 'learn to swim in swimming ice', built the world's most complete iron and steel industry system, equipment and technology overall reached the world's advanced level, steel output jumped from 158,000 tons in 1949 to 1.65 billion tons in 2020, The self-sufficiency rate of 22 categories of steel products is nearly 100%, and it is firmly ranked the first in the world, bringing the world steel into the 'China Era'. You do not see, once for the national economic construction of the iron and steel industry, in the face of serious excess capacity of the 'chronic disease', Zhuang Shuanwuan to capacity; In response to our people's desire for a better life and their need for a beautiful ecological environment, we are resolutely exploring the path of green transformation, pursuing ultra-low emissions with the strictest standards in history, and giving our people back blue skies and white clouds, clear waters and green shores. In the face of the sudden COVID-19 epidemic, the steel industry has played the role of 'stabilizer' and 'ballast stone' for epidemic prevention and control and stable and healthy economic development.

For a hundred years, Iron Man, as a touch of red on the party flag, always remembers who he is fluttering for. Before the liberation of Chongqing, '18 martyrs' with their lives and blood heroically protect the factory, heroic sacrifice; old hero Meng Tai does not spend a penny, committed to Anshan Iron and Steel BF production; Zeng Le, the 'God of Welding', raced against time and fought against disease, and finally made a 'Chinese mark' in the field of world welding. 'Reform pioneer' Liu Hanzhang broke away from the shackles of thought, wade out a new way of state-owned enterprise reform - 'Handan Iron and Steel Experience'; The management team of Hesai Steel Co., Ltd lived up to the great trust and created the 'One Belt And One Road' model project to build the 'steel bridge' of China-Senegal friendship. There e is 'when the worker must be a good worker' 'July 1 medal' winner Ai Aiguo, decades like a day, Saitama in the welding process research and operation technology development at the front line. .... No matter in which period of the development of the cause of the Party, successive steel people have always cast the spiritual high ground of The Times with persistent belief and firm action, and gathered into a mighty force of selfless dedication for the Party, the country and the people.

Hunting red flags, inserted throughout the river north and south. We are well aware that the Communist Party of China is an unstoppable party. Based on the new starting point of the centenary anniversary and the historical meeting point of the two centenary goals, the iron and steel industry will keep up with the pace of the Party, review the grand epic of the centenary struggle, carry out the new mission with the original intention of the stone, and unswervingly strengthen the leadership of the Party. Take on the historical burdens of achieving the 'double carbon' goal, innovating and developing, intelligent manufacturing, strictly controlling production capacity, optimizing industrial layout, increasing resources development, and advancing the internationalization process, and forge ahead before we start!

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