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June 3 steel market morning paper

Date: 2021-06-03
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Source: Saddle ridge information

[Futures Market Analysis]

[Phase snail] 10 night closed at 5033, down 28 or 0.55%. Wing on in 10 - about to hold a clearance of about 20,000 hands; Yesterday the shipment of finished timber decreased significantly; Raw material, yesterday Tangshan billet fell 30, the first round of coke landing, short - term weak, iron ore spot strong. Heavy rain continued to depress demand in southern China today. In the feeding period, the screw maintains shock, support 4960, pressure 5100.

[Steel market trends]

Ore: 3 days iron ore spot offer is expected to rise 5-10 yuan. The S&P 500 was up 35 cents at $209.45 last night. The monthly average is $209.28. Due to the steel market is not good, the uncertainty of demand, the port is not active, although the mine price is still rising but the market enthusiasm is not high, merchants more low to ship. Mine prices are expected to continue to rise weak shock operation. Iron ore port spot offer today is expected to rise 5-10 yuan.

Coke: 2 days Linfen first level metallurgical coke ex-factory price including tax 2720 yuan/ton; Weifang secondary metallurgical coke ex-factory price including tax 2720 yuan/ton; Tangshan quasi - level metallurgical coke including tax to plant 2780 yuan/ton. The weak operation of the domestic coke market, with the mainstream steel mills in East China and North China to reduce the coke purchase price by 120 yuan/ton, the first round of increase and reduction of the coke price is basically implemented, and individual coke enterprises have slightly different opinions and resist price reduction. In terms of supply, some coke enterprises in Linfen and Yuncheng, the main producing areas, have implemented a production limit of 20%-30%, which has little impact. In other areas, coke enterprises are currently maintaining high-load production with good sales. Demand, coke enterprises and traders are increasing the strength of shipments, steel coke inventory continues to stabilize and pick up, more on demand procurement, a few have full warehouse, is expected in the short term coke market stable weak operation.

Steel billet: Tangshan (XD) billet dropped 30 yuan to 4970 yuan/ton, Tangshan local and surrounding parts of the steel mill carbon billet at 4970 yuan/ton, tax included factory. Yesterday, the screw day upward power is insufficient, leading to manufacturers operating mood is weak, spot market trading more cautious, the local downstream rolling mills have not all resumed production, plus poor production profits, billet procurement enthusiasm is not high, short term billet price is expected to be stable in weak finishing.

Construction steel: closed on the 2nd, the price of the three-level seismic large screw in the Beijing market of He Steel was 5220 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan compared with the previous day; Shanghai Shagang Class 3 Snails 4980/ ton, down 40 percent compared with the previous day; Guangzhou market Shaogang three large snails 5360 yuan/ton, 30 more than the previous day;

Plate: 2 days close, Shanghai market hot coil close at 5530-5540 yuan/ton, compared with the previous day price down 40; The closing price of hot coil in Tianjin market was 5,520-5,540 yuan/ton, up 40 yuan compared with the previous day, while the closing price of hot coil in Lecong market was 5,450-5,460 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan compared with the previous day.

【 Forecasts for Today 】

Construction steel: 2 days nationwide thread snail prices are stable rise and fall. Among the 52 sample cities: There are 11 falling cities, down 10-100, accounting for 21.1%, 30 stable cities, accounting for 57.8%, 11 rising cities, accounting for 21.1%, the transaction situation of the national building materials market, the trading atmosphere is general, inverted resources are more, the dark mood is obvious, at the same time, the policy side of the interfering factors are more frequent, the terminal more replenishing on demand, In the short term, bearish timber warning has not been completely removed, and the bottom of the support is still in the price is expected to shock operation. Fubao analyzes the influencing factors as follows :1. The current month is at the transition point of low and peak season, and the latter period is more inclined to the demand end; 2. The raw material ore is stronger, and the bottom support of the finished material is stronger; 3

The Beijing market is expected to river steel three seismic screw price of 5200 yuan/ton, compared with the previous day down 20; Shanghai Shagang Class 3 large snails 4950 yuan/ton, down 30 percent compared with the previous day; Guangzhou market Shaogang three large snails 5360 yuan/ton, stable than the day before.

Plate: market, black futures midday close: thread main up 0.5%, at 5002; Hot roll main up 0.8%, at 5305. Tangshan billet fell 30 yuan to 4,970 yuan per ton. Early spot mentality positive firm shipment, but the afternoon futures up power is obviously insufficient, shock weakening, terminal buying mentality to be cautious, the overall shipment to be weak. Considering comprehensively, the inventory pressure of various merchants is not large at present, and it is expected that the hot rolled coil will be slightly adjusted today. The mainstream quotation in Shanghai market is 5500-5520 yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation in Tianjin market is 4490-5500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation in Lecong market is 5500-5520 yuan/ton.

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