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Walk out a development road with the characteristics of pangang

Date: 2021-05-12
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Source: China Metallurgy News - China Iron and Steel News

On April 29th, the general manager of angang group dai zhihao, who made a survey in pangang, went deep into xichang vanadium steel to understand the production and operation situation, and listened to the digitization and intelligentization work report of pangang. Dai Zhihao stressed that to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary of the important speech and instructions instructions spirit, fully understand the development situation, eyes do their own work, to continually improve panxi vanadium titanium magnetite smelting capacity, accelerate the digitization, intelligent work, out of a road to development with the characteristic of pangang, the realization from pursued beyond the 'idea'.

Duan Xiangdong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, participated in the investigation.

That morning, Dai Zhihao in Xichang vanadium steel to listen to the special report, analysis of the development situation of the enterprise, around the strength of the weak, make up for the shortcomings of the requirements.

He stressed the need to see the gap, increase measures, tap potential, to ensure that the system capacity to a new level;

Based on the development orientation and objectives, we should further pay attention to the variety, quality, delivery time and customer service, and constantly improve customer recognition.

We need to attach great importance to environmental protection and take a good road to carbon emission reduction.

On the afternoon of the same day, Dai Zhihao listened to the report on the digitization and intelligent work of Panzhihua, fully affirmed the achievements, and put forward clear requirements on accelerating the construction of automation, informatization, digitization and intelligence.

He stressed to build digital pangang, green pangang as the focus, pay attention to the top design, speed up the implementation of the project, to achieve more lean manufacturing base management, improve efficiency;

We should do a good job in the digital evaluation of new projects and seize the commanding heights of 'intelligent management, intelligent production and digital industry innovation and development'.

We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of the constitution of Anshan Iron and Steel Corporation, pay great attention to the selection of typical trees and publicity, and create a good atmosphere for the opening of the new journey of '14th Five-Year' digital construction.

In the process of research, Dai Zhihao emphasized that facing the future, we should fully recognize the profound changes brought by the development of the industry, further change the concept, enhance the sense of crisis, sense of mission, sense of responsibility, through continuous exploration of potential, learning from the standard, out of a road of high-quality development from catch up to beyond.

Pangang related leaders, responsible persons of relevant departments to participate in the investigation.

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