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1. BF: Two 450M3 blast furnace.

2. EAF/BOF: One CONCAST 90t ultra-high power electric arc furnace and a 90t complex converter.

3. LF/VD/RH :One set of 90t LF/VD/RH refining furnaces.

4. Continuous casting :One CONCAST 4-machine and 4-strand billet alloy steel circular-arc type continuous casting machine and a 3-machine and 3-strand big Round billets continuous 

    casting machine

5. Ingot casting:Two 35t electric-arc furnace.

6. Electroslag:11 ESR furnace.

7. Forging equipment: One 16MN precision forging machine of Austrian GFM Company and One 60MN rapid forging press of German Meer Group and One 3000t rapid forging press of 

    German Thyssen Group and One hydraulic press made in the Soviet Union.

8. Rolling equipment : The 825 blooming mill and 12-machine continuous mill and a set of POMINI 24-stand continuous mill unit, KOCKS, controlled rolling and controlled cooling unit with 

    ancillary facility.

9. UT: The inspection line of K.K, FOERSTER and One Olympus large round material online inspection equipment

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